21 February 2019

Turnkey HV Transformer & isolation equipment installation

Lake William Hovell Hydro Station

AusNet Services recognised that through the implementation of the bushfire mitigation REFCL technology within their distribution substations, deviation from the distribution code requirements would be experienced at major customer connection points. To rectify the issue for their HV customers, HV isolation equipment would need to be installed.

The HV isolation equipment consisted of a 22kV incoming automatic re-closer (ACR), 7.5 MVA isolating transformer, customer connection side ACR and supporting infrastructure.

As principal contractor, TechTest Services with our experienced Construction and Commissioning Management team were able to manage all civil, electrical and overhead components of the installation. This saved the client managing individual contractors for each component as they were required to do on similar installations at other locations, maximising efficiency for this project.

This allowed TechTest Services to meet the challenging time and budgetary constraints applied by the imminent Wangaratta Zone Substation REFCL device commissioning.

Project Duration: October 2018 – December 2018

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