Protection and Control Panel Manufacturing

TechTest Services manufactures protection and control panels to suit a wide variety of high voltage infrastructure projects. All panels are built by A Grade Electricians and factory acceptance testing is undertaken by qualified Protection and Control Technicians to ensure they are built to exactly to specification with Green Line drawings provided. These panels are built to utility specific and Australian standards within a dedecated manufacturing facility.


Electrical Installation

TechTest Services in its delivery of complex power industry projects has established itself as a highly skilled and specialised electrical engineering business. The TechTest Services team are able to undertake large scale greenfield and complex brownfield upgrade projects.


Protection Testing, HV Testing & Comissioning

Our test and commissioning team has unrivaled knowledge and experience when it comes to ensuring power system protection and control systems are safe, compliant and reliable. TechTest Services prides itself on consistently delivering safe and reliable outcomes on schedule and within budget.

The team’s strong emphasis on ownership and accountability has ensured that the company remains safety incident free and has an unblemished unplanned outage record. Experience, training and a continuous improvement culture assists TechTest Services to actively minimise risk to high voltage asset owners.

TechTest Services has the ability to provide but are not limited to the following:

Primary Plant

  • Power Transformer testing
  • Current and Voltage transformer testing
  • Circuit breaker testing
  • Earthing system testing
  • High voltage cable testing
  • High voltage insulation resistance testing
  • Power frequency testing
  • Primary injection testing
  • Generator Testing and Commissioning

Secondary Systems

  • Factory acceptance testing of protection & control relays
  • Site acceptance testing of protection & control relays
  • Protection scheme cut over and functional testing
  • Satellite synchronisation equipment providing multiple end line protection testing
  • Fault recording & play back facilities
  • Routine protection system maintenance
  • Protection settings & test record database management



TechTest Services personnel have been extensively involved in power industry commissioning management. TechTest Services has the ability to provide but are not limited to the following:

  • Secondary system design review
  • Auditing of commissioning processes
  • Contract liaison
  • System outage co-ordination
  • Inspection and test plan development
  • Co-ordination with external requirements (AEMO)
  • Site and Project Management


Operation & Maintenance

TechTest Services have experienced technical specialists to operate and maintain complex high voltage electrical assets. The company has a long-term focus with high voltage asset owners, ensuring that equipment is correctly operated and maintained to maximise service life. TechTest Services provide resources for ongoing technical support to recently commissioned electrical installations and existing electrical infrastructure.


Compliance Testing

Pre-registration testing of mobile plant and electrical equipment, including mobile generators, mobile elevating work platforms and other insulated machinery.


Specialists in: High Voltage Testing – Protection Testing – Generator Commissioning

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